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Benefits of leveraging online communities

Why community-first entrepreneurs win

By staying in touch with relevant online communities, you can ensure you are building something that people want, creating a loyal fanbase that will help market your product for you, and evolving your business when the needs of your market and customers change.

"Winging-it" Way

Ideate in a bubble

Build without validating

Launch to crickets

Late-stage pivot

GummySearch Way

Know what people actually want

Build alongside your community

Launch to an existing audience

Grow with community support

Instead of building solutions looking for customers, Embedded Entrepreneurs find customers and build a solution with them. They join communities, observe, participate and take these learnings and transform them into products people need and businesses customers love.

When you begin building your business with your future audience in mind, the guesswork ends. The Audience-Driven approach of an Embedded Entrepreneur is the path to a sustainable, customer-centric business.

Arvid Kahl

Arvid Kahl

The Embedded Entrepreneur

Product Features

How GummySearch works

Discover communities

Find all the relevant communities where your target audience hangs out online.

This is where they talk about their point of view, complain about their problems, and asks for recommendations from their peers.

Discover Subreddits

Dive into your audience

Each community is a microcosm of its own, with its own rituals, terminology, and personality.

Zoom in to analyze a single community independently, or zoom out to see what's buzzing with a whole niche (or 10 of them!)

Audience Research

Find insightful conversations

Popular conversations across multiple Subreddits

Complaints about painful (*monetizable*) problems

Solutions your target customers are begging you to bring to market

Things people love/hate about your competitors

Browse Reddit Conversations

Track what matters

Stay in the loop of new conversations that are relevant to your business.

Be the first to know about opportunities to promote your product or engage with your target audience.

Monitor Keywords on Reddit

Why focus on Reddit?

Reddit is the largest community platform on the internet and the voice of the consumer

Unique Communities
Daily Active Users
Conversations Each Day

What if I already have a product?

Online communities are not just helpful for ideation and validation, they are useful for each stage of a startup's journey.

The many use-cases of online communities

Idea Generation

Know that you want to create something but are not sure what to make? Find pain points, requests for solutions, and spending behaviors for your target audience.

Solution Validation

Validate your idea by discovering people online who have the problem you plan to solve. Organize your research and set up customer development interviews to validate your solution.

Lead Generation

Track conversations that are relevant to your business, be the first to know when someone is talking about a problem that your business or product can solve for them.

Content Distribution

Dive into your audience and figure out the kind of content that resonates with them, then create and distribute your own to turn your readers into loyal customers and fans.

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