Your first customers are out there, you just need to find them.

GummySearch searches the web and helps you discover people in online communities who are interested in your product.

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Discover Customers Online

Discovering Customers Online

Someone out there is begging for your business.
They just don't know you exist yet.

Every day, people are talking about their pain points online, and asking for resources and product recommendations.
GummySearch helps you find out where so you can join the conversation.

Search Reddit Submissions

How GummySearch users are utilizing online communities at every stage of their business.

Idea Generation

Know that you want to create something but are not sure what to make? Best to start with solving a pain point that your target audience is expressing.

Solution Validation

You have an idea for a business and want to find some people in your target niche to talk to in order to validate your solution.

Lead Generation

By setting up searches + alerts on discussions related to your business, you can always be in the right place at the right time to help someone who is looking for your services.

Content Distribution

You've got helpful content for your target customers. Now you just need to know where to post it, and how to format it to ensure it resonates with that community.

Working on any of the above?

Product Features

Everything you need to find your early adopters

Discover Communities

Learn about the platforms that are best suited to your customer base. Discover relevant communities and their activities at a glance.

Search Social Sources

Search public online communities like Reddit, Twitter, and Slack where members are discussing their pain points.

Bookmark Searches

Save your keyword searches for quick access to the latest relevant conversations to your product.

Flexible Notifications

Receive alerts when your keywords are mentioned. Configure your alerts to get a digest when and where you'd like.

Filters For You

Set up your searches to target specific platforms, communities, and users. Get relevant leads, and filter out the conversations that don't matter to you.

Sentiment Analysis

Target online buzz by how the authors are feeling. Differentiate between someone asking for a product recommendation, and talking negatively about your competitor.

Online communities are an excellent source for validation, early users, and loyal customers. With the right toolkit, you can discover the online hangouts that are relevant for you, and get notified exactly when someone is looking for your product/service. Your business will grow organically and you will also have more time to work on it.

Easy to get started

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Is GummySearch right for you?

Use this product if you...

Don't have a huge marketing budget

If you did, you'd probably be buying a bunch of ads right now. Let's get you your initial customers first, and then you can make it rain with the ads.

Don't have 6 months for SEO to kick in

You need customers now, and searching online communities for target keywords can help you find potential customers right away.

Genuinely like talking to humans

Online communities aren't for dropping links and leaving, they are for engaging with your target customers and connecting with them on a personal level.

Want to learn about your customers

Going to where your customers hang out online can help you validate your own solution, and also find new problems to solve for your customers.

Are exploring acquisition channels

There are lots of options when it comes to user acquisition, and you might be missing some. Use GummySearch to find new sources.

Have 10 minutes a day to do outreach

Engaging with customers online does take some time, but with GummySearch you can make sure you're getting only relevant social leads, and respond efficiently.

It's not for everyone

Don't use it if you...

GummySearch is not a one-size-fits all marketing engine. It's not going to work for every business, and that's OK. Our goal is to help early startups discover & acquire their initial customers, and are building a focused product to solve this exact problem.

Already have over 1000 customers

At a certain point, you'll be able to scale other acquisition channels faster, especially if you're making revenue. Our goal is to get early-stage startups to that point with momentum.

Don't want to talk with your prospects

Although we feel it's really important to have a pulse on your customer's pain points early on, we understand that not everyone wants to have such a direct marketing strategy.

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