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Discover relevant communities and browse useful conversations in those communities. Best for early-stage founders & those doing customer development to understand their audience and uncover new business opportunities.


  • Discover relevant communities
  • Explore multiple audiences
  • Customer development conversations
  • Save useful conversations
  • Subreddit analysis at a glance
  • Find similar communities
  • Top 40 Charts

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Engage with your target audience and track new conversations that relate to your business. Best for business owners researching audience needs, validating their solution, promoting their own products/content, and discovering new customers from online communities.


  • All features in Starter
  • Advanced Search for Reddit
  • Track keywords
  • CSV Export
  • Email Digests
  • Subreddit growth stats
  • Subreddit contributors

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All plans include

Content Library
Access to helpful product & process guides written by the GummySearch founder.
Curated Guide
Your experience in GummySearch is curated based on your current goal, which you can update.
Email Support
Write in with any feedback, issues, or ideas. We'd love to help.

Frequently asked questions

What happens when my free trial expires?
When you run out of trial time for your trial, you will no longer be able to make community/conversation searches. You will still have access to any communities you have saved.
Can I change or cancel my subscription?
Yes, you may upgrade/downgrade your monthly or yearly subscription at any time from your account settings. In case of an upgrade, your billing will be prorated appropriately based on what you have already paid.
If there a LTD (life time deal) available?
If you do not see a LTD option on this pricing page, there is not a lifetime deal currently available. In case of a future LTD sale, you'll be able to purchase it and request a refund for subscription payments you have made, up to the value of the current LTD price.

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