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I can't recommend GummySearch enough. Incredibly powerful for customer research on Reddit / pain points and so much more.

- Mike


You would be a fool to pass up on this. Gummy Search has become my market research weapon of choice.

- Michelle


GummySearch is one of the greatest products I have discovered in the last two months. This is awesome work.

- Chris


Can I write you a testimonial or something? Just had a user sign up for a $79/m trial on MSB after I reached out to them through Gummy

- Ryan


I set up the account today, so this is like immediate results! I just started the trial and I think I couldn't have had a better experience

- Justyna


I just came across your service a few days ago externally and fell in love with it. I started telling a few friends about it, that's how hyped I've been about this product.

- Jay

GummySearch Pricing

Fair pricing for indie hackers, early startups, and growing teams
(33% discount for annual plan)

A free plan to start discovering your target audience and what they discuss on Reddit.


Leverage Reddit to ideate startups, validate solutions, research markets, and find customers.

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Explore Reddit like a pro. Discover growing niches, get content insights, save hours daily with AI insights.


Our biggest plan, for high-volume customer research firms, startup studios, or content agencies.

Starter Plan - $29/mo

  • Subreddit discovery
  • Keyword search
  • Popular topics
  • Keyword tracking
  • Advanced search filters
  • Customer development w/AI
  • Find patterns w/AI
  • Exploding subreddits list
  • Content performance insights
  • Slack/Discord integration
  • Increased AI limits
  • Shareable reports
  • Multiple seats (coming soon)
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This looks cool, but can't I do the same on Reddit?

Reddit is for discovering new content. GummySearch is built specifically for those that seek insights from the millions of daily conversations happening on Reddit.

Do I need a Reddit account to use GummySearch?

No. You can browse public posts & comments without a Reddit account. However, an account is recommended to contribute to any conversations you find via GummySearch.

I'm not sure if my target audience is on Reddit. How do I find out?

You'll be able to figure that out in a matter of minutes during onboarding. If you still aren't able to find any, reach out and you will get help.

I'm busy, does this tool take a long time to pick up?

GummySearch was built for busy startup founders like you, to save you time and get you results quickly. Check it out and you'll see for yourself.

I hear Redditors are strict. Will I get downvoted or banned?

They are nicer than the rumors make them out to be. Add more to the community than you take, and you'll be warmly welcomed. We'll guide you through it!

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