Product Features

Reddit toolkit for startup founders

Discover communities

Find all of the relevant communities you should be a part of

  • Discover in less than a minute
  • One click to save & subscribe
  • Filter out irrelevant communities
Discover Subreddits

Organize your niche

Collect subreddits to stay in tune with

  • Aggregated submission & comment search across multiple subredits
  • Recommended conversations on pain points, resources, and resources
  • Recommended similar subreddits to add to the collection
  • Set up multiple collections if you are researching multiple niches
Organize Communities

Browse conversations

Optimized Reddit search to find just what you're looking for

  • Search based on keywords relevant to your business
  • Support for both Submissions & Comments
  • Quickly respond when people are asking for your help
Search Reddit Conversations

Stay in the loop

Set up notifications for new people asking for your business

  • Get notifications of keyword matches in new conversations
  • Browse suggested conversations similar to your keywords
  • Configure your digests to fit your preferences
Monitor Keywords on Reddit

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