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The unofficial subreddit to chat about all the WOW moments while sailing with RCCI! Check out the pinned FAQ before asking a question! Have a quick question not answered by the FAQ? Write it in the comments on that post! Feel free to add a flair to show off your Crown and Anchor status and utilize the post flairs to tag your post!

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Question (I've checked the FAQ!)
: ""Everyone is obsessed with NOT having a guaranteed stateroom, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask." (Ok I am going to ask. Why?)"
66 posts
Advice Needed
: "Family baled - feeling sad"
45 posts
General Topic
: "Urgent Question!"
35 posts
Cruise Review
: "Sure. Maybe RCCL has cut some corners. But the biggest drop in quality on this line has to be called out."
22 posts
: "Has anyone had this towel animal(s) before? πŸ˜†"
14 posts
: "Cancelled 4 days out from sailing AU"
8 posts
Tips and Tricks
: "Thanks, that's really helpful. So, is it casual or formal?"
6 posts

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