Affiliate Program

Make money introducing your audience to the #1 research tool for Reddit

Affiliate program details

Why join the GummySearch affiliate program

  • Introduce your friends/audience to the #1 research tool for Reddit
  • Help them accelerate their business with premium audience insights
  • Make potentially thousands of dollars a month with a competitive program (40% for life)
  • Support GummySearch's bootstrapped startup journey

How the affiliate program works

  1. 1. Sign up for the affiliate program here, it takes less than a minute
  2. 2. Share your unique link on your blog, website, newsletter, socials
  3. 3. Your friends sign up for the free or premium version of GummySearch via your link
  4. 4. For any paid referrals you make, you'll get paid automatically at the beginning of the next month (once you hit the $20 minimum)

How to succeed as a Gummy affiliate

  • Share your affiliate link with a testimonial of why you like the tool
  • Share the free tools we build, or any blog posts you like (just add your ?via= code to the urls)
  • Link your affiliate code to your GummySearch account, so your shareable reports automatically include your referral link
  • Email Fed if you have any ideas on how to improve the affiliate program

Rules around the affiliate program

Violations could cause you to be kicked out of the affiliate program
  • Don't pretend to be a GummySearch employee
  • Don't purchase ads around the "GummySearch" brand name (Referrals from Google ads will be ignored)
  • Don't sign up using your own affiliate link (we'll know)
If you have any questions/doubts about these, just contact us and ask about it.