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Solution Requests
: "Are there any other faction quotes that go as hard as that one famous AdMech quote?"
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Pain & Anger
: "Space Marine 2 - Why isn't Titus wearing a Deathwatch pauldon?"
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Advice Requests
: "How does Trazyn make the captured Space Marines fight for him when he released them?"
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: "Why is the Imperium allowed to have "light in the darkness" but other races aren't?"
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: "Who gave the Emperor the bionic eye? How were they allowed to? Or is it just art that stayed"
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: "What exactly stops any Chaos warband to go straight to Terra without ever exiting the warp?"
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: "Lore drop: The fates of each adopted parent(s)/Family's of the Primarchs"
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: ""Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean" Is this quote still being used in Lore stuff? "
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Space Marines

: "Are there any named Space Marines that have actually died undergoing the Rubicon Primaris?"
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: "At the moment of the birth of Slaanesh, there were a tredecillion Eldars living in the AEldari Empire. "
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: "How the Necrons view Ezekyle Abaddon [Excerpt from "The Bleeding Stars" by Robert Rath]"
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: "The one technology that can destroy the Tyranids."
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Warhammer 40k

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