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: "Did I lowball myself?"
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: "Is there a reason for this?"
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Personal Projects
: "For my dissertation, I designed and 3D-printed shape-changing wing sections, to investigate whether morphing airfoils offer improved aerodynamic performance compared to standard trailing edge flaps. Up to a 30% increase in L/D ratio!"
35 posts
: "3D Printed Heat Sink (designed using Topology optimization)"
17 posts
: "Video of a nice Daher TBM 910 fast low pass (250kts), landing and takeoff. The TBM900 family is the fastest single entine turboprop in the world with a cruise speed of 330kts."
9 posts
Cool Stuff
: "Came across the debris of what appears to be a "spontaneous disassembly" of a rocket in the UT dessert."
7 posts
: "We use so many abbreviations in this field, but Full Annular Rig Test is never abbreviated in full. "
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Uni / College
: "Failing Statics should I change major?"
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