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We've posted chess memes here for a decade.

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Low Effort OC
: "Holy Hell"
48 posts
: "New opener just dropped? "
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New Response Just Dropped
: "En Pissant (Bathroom Etiquette, n00bs)"
17 posts
:pawnsilver: Silver Pawn Award
: "What happened to true anarchy! Are you stupid?"
5 posts
r/chess parody
: "I scholars mate'd someone"
4 posts
:horseygolden: Golden Horsey Award
: "Remember me? It took 9 months, but anarchychess has infiltrated chess.c*m. I REPEAT: ANARCHYCHESS HAS INFILTRATED CHESS.C*M"
1 post
Pets of AC
: "What do I do in this situation? (I'm the dog)"
1 post
Jeedy Cologne
: "Why did we downvote u/BananaB01 ? Are we stupid ?"
1 post
Rare TikTok W
: "How much sun does a Pawn Shooter cost?"
1 post
Fairy Piece
: "Why are there 10 pawns? Are they stupid?"
1 post

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