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This sub-reddit is for almost anything related to appliances. Need to fix your stove, cook-top, oven, refrigerator, washer or dryer? Thinking about buying a new one? You've come to the right place! Please post your questions, comments or complaints! If you sell or service appliances your opinion is very valuable, but advertising and spam will not be allowed in posts (with the exception of the monthly recommendation posts).

Popular Topics in r/Appliances

Top 8 / 8 post flair
What to Buy?
: "Which one is more reliable?"
22 posts
General Advice
: "Need help crazy loud washing machine. "
13 posts
: "My Friend's Oven Exploded"
12 posts
Pre-Purchase Questions
: "3rd rack in dishwasher? Pros and cons please. Details in caption"
8 posts
Appliance Chat
: "Ok, I have to know— did my boyfriend’s dad ruin our fridge the day we got it?"
3 posts
Samstung :(
: "I hate you Samsung"
3 posts
New Appliance Day
: "Deal Alert: Bosch 800 for $2200"
1 post
Where to Buy?
: "where can i find an oven/stove under $700?"
1 post

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