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: "What outdated or obsolete Tech are you still using and are perfectly happy with?"
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: "What do you believe is the greatest Threat to the United States?"
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: "What are the craziest ways you’ve heard of people making Money?"
2 posts
Moving Out Age
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Miss From The Past
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2 posts
Elon Musk
: "Instead of Twitter, what LARGE thing could Elon Musk potentially have bought for $44 Billion?"
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Vegans Eating Meat
: "Vegans that started eating meat again, what happened?"
1 post
: "What did you think was normal about your Body until someone pointed out that it wasn't?"
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Fashion Trend
: "What is the Fashion Trend that you cant stand but it seems normal for the rest of people?"
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Advice Requests
: "What do women actually expect guys to do at bars?"
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