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: "Do you miss the McCain-Obama style of political civility at all?"
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General Policy
: "Do current stats square with the claims by Trump and others that Biden has destroyed our energy indepenence?"
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Trump Legal Battles
: "Why do conservatives think that Judge Merchan has a conflict of interest, but Clarence Thomas doesn’t?"
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Elections 2024
: "What do you think about a new agreement that donations to the RNC will go directly to Trump’s campaign to pay his legal bills?"
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Social Media
: "What do you think of Trump's Truth Social being saved by Putin Ally?"
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: "What are your thoughts on Trump selling Bibles?"
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: "Did Trump speak to murder victim Ruby Garcia's family?"
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Social Issues
: "Was the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge after a ship hit one of its support pillars due to DEI, liberalism, Democrats, or other leftist people or ideas?"
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Foreign Policy
: "Do you guys actually support/empathize with Russia?"
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Free Talk
: "Weekend! + Bonus Question!"
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