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: "As a beekeeper, I can attest that this film is a 100 percent accurate depiction of my day to day life"
68 posts
: "What happened to my bees?"
37 posts
I’m not a beekeeper, but I have questions
: "Why are there bees swarming this branch?"
14 posts
Hive Help!
: "Where would y’all suggest adding beehives on my property? All pics are facing the east. Thanks!"
8 posts
Bee identification
: "There’s an exposed colony that moved into my front yard about a month ago. It’s building combs. I’m in Southern CA. Is it likely to survive and if not, is there any way to save it? It’s up really high."
5 posts
Sting 😭
: "Took a few stings lol"
3 posts
: "Cahos after Formic acid treatment"
3 posts
help! :)
: "Resources to find a beekeeper"
1 post
General - product recommendation
: "Recommendations for reusable hives wraps USDA Zone 5"
1 post
Wood Working
: "Seeking Feedback on my Warre Bee Hive Project – A Midwestern Woodworker's Endeavor!"
1 post

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