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: "Mike Tyson lashes out at Canelo Alvarez for wanting to fight Edgar Berlanga and Jaime Munguia instead of fight the best fighter in his division in David Benavidez: “This is a shame for Boxing and for Mexico”"
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: "Mike Tyson lashes out at Canelo Alvarez for wanting to Fight Edgar Berlanga and Jaime Munguia instead of Fight the best Fighter in his division in David Benavidez: “This is a shame for boxing and for Mexico”"
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: "David Benavidez on IG: "@Canelo if I have nothing to offer then why are you demanding you get 150-200 million to fight someone who isn’t worth anything? Hopefully after you make that 150 million you have enough left over to buy a pair of nuts."
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: "On this day 13 years ago a 20 year old Canelo Alvarez won his first world Title in a dominant victory over Matthew Hatton"
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Ryan Garcia

: "Ryan Garcia claims ‘the elites’ tied him up in the woods and forced him to watch little kids getting raped. “Bohemian Grove is real.”"
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: "What is up with Floyd Mayweather fighters"
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: "Filip Hrgovic and Daniel Dubois are finalizing a deal for a June 1 Heavyweight bout on the Beterbiev-Bivol undercard, sources told ESPN. Hrgovic is ESPN’s No. 5 Heavyweight; Dubois is No. 9. Between Wilder-Zhang and Hrgovic-Dubois, four of ESPN’s top-10 Heavyweights in action."
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: "Tyson Fury: Deontay Wilder punches harder than Francis Ngannou 'by a mile'"
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: "57years old Mike Tyson- Day3 of Training for his upcoming fight against Jake Paul "Still wanna fuck with me?" "
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Jake Paul

: "57years old Mike Tyson- Day3 of training for his upcoming fight against Jake Paul "Still wanna fuck with me?" "
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: "Ryan Garcia offers free Brazilian butt lifts and boob jobs to 'support women'"
23 posts
Pain & Anger
: "[Rolly] Fuck Golden Girl 💁🏻‍♀️ As someone who suffered with their own mental health crisis Oscar should’ve been the first one to step up and protect Ryan from himself 🤔But instead he’s dead silent 🤐because he’s too busy trying to milk his only cash cow before the contract goes tits up…"
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Solution Requests
: "Sugar Ray Leonard vs Floyd “Money” Mayweather who you got?"
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Advice Requests
: "What do you do with Joseph Parker now?"
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Money Talk
: "Keith Thurman vs Tim Tszyu PPV.com Price Released | $74.99"
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