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The Official subreddit for the City of Calgary located in Alberta, Canada! #YYC

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News Article
: "Calgary Stampede banned from 2024 Pride parade ‘for the foreseeable future’"
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Local Photography/Video
: "24 hour difference "
24 posts
Municipal Affairs/Politics
: "It's Official: Nenshi Is Running For NDP Leader"
16 posts
Crime/Suspicious Activity
: "Stay away from Memorial past 52ne east, cops are having a shoot out."
12 posts
Local Nature/Wildlife
: "Forensics shows Banff cougar attack didn't happen"
12 posts
: "Seriously get a library card!!!"
10 posts
: "Car overtakes me at a playground zone"
10 posts
: "Major Snowstorm to Hit Calgary Alberta on Wednesday March 20, 2024"
9 posts
Eat/Drink Local
: "15c bags"
7 posts
Good Samaritan/Volunteer/Charity/Donations
: "Keep The Earth Fresh Cleanup! Location: Hillhurst/Sunnyside"
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