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Community to share up and coming Canadian Penny Stocks. Remember kids... converting Monopoly money to freedom bucks costs too much

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Catalyst 🚀🌝
: "Yooooooo weedstocks ASAP!!! DEA just agreed to reschedule marijuana!!"
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: "DV's CEO highlights its recent $15M raise, w/ backing from mining heavyweight Eric Sprott, securing exploration costs for 2 years. Drilling @ its Kitsault Valley Project surpassed expectations, unearthing 1,335 g/t gold & 781 g/t silver over 0.68m. More drilling is underway. Full interview summary⬇️"
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General Discussion
: "Follow the money: Copper prices up 25% in the last 6 months & global mining companies are strategically positioning themselves in Idaho where $40 Billion market cap major Barrick Gold made an interesting strategic investment."
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new stonk discussion
: "The main listing is CULT on the CSE, anyone familiar with it? Volume looks good, sub $10 million market cap"
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Wealthsimplton Penny
: "Alset Capital Inc. Corporate Presentation: Investing in AI Cloud Computing Infrastructure (TSXV: KSUM) (FSE: 1R60) (WKN: A3ESVQ)"
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