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The place for Canadian conservatives on Reddit. Conservatives, libertarians, right-wing populists, right-leaning moderates, and those who just want to ask questions and have discussions without being down-voted in certain other Canadian subreddits are welcome. Our goal is to have a place to have civil higher-quality discussions from a conservative point of view.

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: "in the space of maybe five years, Canada’s NDP has gone from “workers of the world unite” to “if you come to my HallowQueer drag show, I'll tell you my cat’s pronouns”"
53 posts
: "Majority of Canadians think Justin Trudeau should step down as Liberal leader"
51 posts
: "More Canadians say Pierre Poilievre would handle Donald Trump better than Justin Trudeau, poll finds"
38 posts
: "Canada's multicultural utopia now a balkanized grievance factory"
22 posts
: "Hypocrites."
15 posts
: "The CPC is polling incredibly well in BC!"
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Video, podcast, etc.
: "Stephen Harper expresses his regrets over the TFW program in his book "Right Here, Right Now" (2018)"
9 posts
: "Indigenous Icon Unmasked As Pretendian While Nike pays 150k for Man to Model Women's Underwear"
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Political Theory
: "I hate the government."
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