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A sub for asking questions, providing support (maybe) regarding Centrelink, Job Agencies, Jobseeker and other employment issues (since the other one is effectively locked). Don't forget to try the actual [Centrelink website](https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/centrelink). LEGAL HELP WITH CENTRELINK https://www.ejaustralia.org.au/legal-help-centrelink/

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Newstart Allowance/Jobseeker Payment
: "Hi, today I found out that APM Footscray branch (Disability Employment Services) has "discontinued" me as their client without informing me. Below is a copy of my letter to them"
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General Help
: "Homeless, Jobseeker barely enough, Centrelink & Workskil punitive - Advice?"
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Youth Allowance/Youth Allowance Jobseeker
: "If I get a job that isn’t full time do I still need to apply for jobs to receive Centrelink jobseeker?"
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Disability Support Pension
: "Sonic health call soon, anxiety through the roof, is this enough info?"
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News Articles
: "Major Australian employment service accused of claiming credit for work jobseeker found herself | Unemployment"
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Personal Opinion/Discussion thread
: "Scam call?"
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: "Beware of this scam, I put in a fake login to waste their time."
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Family Tax Benefit
: "FTB finally approved"
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: "Student start up loan payments"
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Paid Parental Leave
: "PPL Enquiry"
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