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A community-led subreddit for Cities: Skylines and Cities: Skylines II, the city-builder games from Colossal Order.

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Sharing a City :CS2:
: "Loving the diverse architecture in the new beach properties DLC!"
79 posts
Sharing a City :CS1:
: "Revitalization of my poorest residental district."
71 posts
Discussion :CS2:
: "Congratulations to Colossal Order for getting gold in "worst rated item on Steam" competition!"
22 posts
Help & Support (PC) :CS1:
: "What are these ugly buildings popping up in my forestry industry sector and how should I stop the building of new ones?"
5 posts
Discussion :CS1:
: "Thanks game, I didn’t notice"
3 posts
Modding Release :CS2:
: "Crystal Isles - My first map for CS2 with actual flat building space"
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Game Feedback :CS2:
: "Probably late to the punch here, but how are drivers supposed to see out their windshields during winter? It's nice that their models have snow on them with the seasons, but that should really only apply to parked cars."
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Dev Diary
: "Modding Development Diary #1: Paradox Mods"
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Help & Support (PC) :CS2:
: "Monuments and other buildings are just a block. Why?"
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Game Update
: "⚠️ Patch Day v1.1.0f1: Paradox Mods, Code Modding, and the Map Editor now available"
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