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Subreddit dedicated to Crested Geckos - discussions, pictures, questions, videos, art, and more! We also accept content of Gargoyle Geckos and Chahoua Geckos!

Popular Topics in r/CrestedGecko

: "i couldnt find my baby crestie, until i found him in hit water bowl."
49 posts
Advice Wanted
: "So Figment escaped somehow…"
25 posts
Tank Setup
: "I made Amélie a mushroom bowl…she loves it"
8 posts
What Morph?
: "What morph is he?"
4 posts
: "Feeling sad and missing my crestie - fellow crestie owners, please show me the goofiest pic of your crestie so I can smile 😁"
3 posts
What Sex?
: "Male or female??"
3 posts
Weird Wednesdays
: "Roast him. He flew out of his terrarium when I was cleaning and made me chase him!"
3 posts
Husbandry Discussion
: "Just finished new set up how is it?"
1 post

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