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Welcome to the unofficial subreddit of Crunchyroll, the best place to talk about this streaming service and news regarding the platform! Crunchyroll is an independently operated joint venture between U.S.-based Sony Pictures Entertainment and Japan’s Aniplex, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., both subsidiaries of Tokyo-based Sony Group Corporation. For support questions, please visit Crunchyroll's support website at https://help.crunchyroll.com/

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: "Viz Media removed from Crunchyroll"
67 posts
: "This seems backwards"
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: "How my Crunchyroll Order Just Arrived"
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Technical Issue
: "Crunchyroll Outage Megathread - November 4-5, 2023"
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Help / Question
: "Crunchyroll on Amazon Prime"
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Help / Store
: "this is ridiculous"
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Help / Technical
: "Crunchyroll account display language randomly changed to Portuguese?"
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Premium Help
: "Redeemed on the 12th of OCTOBER"
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App Updates
: "Android mobile app version 3.43.1"
4 posts
: "Commenting "shenanigans" = insta ban?? This can't be real"
3 posts

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