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: "Buyer deleted account after purchasing an expensive item. Ebay told me not to ship item. Should I reroute the package?"
122 posts
: "Shipping label to China"
49 posts
: "Need Advice: eBay Froze My $5500 After Selling Graphic Cards, Endless Documentation Loop"
37 posts
: "Competition buys my Item"
31 posts
: "Buyer deleted account after purchasing an expensive item. eBay told me not to ship item. Should I reroute the package?"
24 posts
: "What does this mean? I haven't listed that much, only about 9 Listings. Some of them were worth several hundred and one was worth over a thousand as I'm selling some of my old LEGO stuff. I was able to put up another Listing after I sold an expensive item, but now it's not letting me list anything!"
13 posts
: "Getting rid of unfair offensive Feedback"
10 posts
: "Buyer blatantly lying to try and get a Refund"
8 posts
: "eBay asking me to link Accounts whenever I login saying β€œan Account with this email exists already”"
6 posts
: "Weekly Scam Discussion November 13, 2023"
5 posts

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Pain & Anger
: "Make it make sense. What do I do? Am I just screwed. This is so unacceptable."
41 posts
Solution Requests
: "Shipping label to China"
15 posts
Money Talk
: "It never occurred to me but shipping cost "rating" should never be a metric shown on any seller's listings!"
15 posts
Advice Requests
: "What do I do?"
10 posts
: "Automatically Renew VS End and Relist VS Sell Similar?"
1 post
: "Selling in eBay. Is Worthpoint a valuable tool?"
1 post
: "Ebay lowering listing prices by ~25% without notifying seller?"
1 post

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