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:play: Feedback Friday
: "This was my first ever released song. It took me 13 hours of work... And 10+ years of FL studio lol"
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:information: Help
: "I imported the wrong image and now he won't leave"
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:chat: Discussion
: "What's your secret sauce when the beat block is so immaculate?"
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:play: Tunesday Tuesday
: "So 2007 called..."
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:piano: Plugins
: "Eveyone keeps saying i'm not using enough OTT, is this enough?"
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:download: Resource
: "is this canon?"
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:wave: What’s This Sound?
: "Does anyone know what that sound is called? I want a HQ one but can't find anywhere."
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:guide: Tutorial/Guide
: "[NEW FEATURE] Piano Roll Python Scripts can use Control Surface (the nice looking side of Patcher) - Requires FL 24.0.99 (24.1 BETA) or later."
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:phone: Mobile
: "Why did this happen? (EXTREME VOLUME WARNING)"
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