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r/FTMOver30 is a subreddit with 17k members. Its distinguishing qualities are that the community is large in size.
A place for FTM/FTN/FTX folk over 30 to come together for support and discussion. If your life experiences better align with those who are usually over 30, you're welcome here. Over 50? Try joining r/FTMOver50 also!

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VENT - Advice Welcome
: "Is post-transition loss of self a thing?"
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: "just had my first t shot at 34!"
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Need Advice
: "Changing careers in "pink collar" roles as a transmasc...help"
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Need Support
: "New name gave me more dysphoria"
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Surgical Q/A
: "Surgery Recovery "
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: "Any amputees here? Did HRT effect your amputation or prosthetic fit in any way?"
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: "Sex toy review... pop sock ribbed pocket stroker by Calexotics "
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VENT - Advice Unwelcome
: "Change is hard. I made some art about it. How do you process?"
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Trigger Warning - General
: "Second report of trans man undergoing successful fertility preservation without stopping T"
2 posts
Surgical Results
: "Reposting since it’s Sunday lol"
1 post

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