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The Samsung Galaxy Fold community! News, Reviews, Tips, Discussions and more about the Galaxy Fold line, but also other foldables and related stuff. Be part of the community, share your thoughts and have fun. Please add your user flair, it'll help everyone for better understanding and sharing content. Please be respectful to others and use common sense when posting. (And don't forget to REPORT posts that break the rules below)

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:palette: Customization
: "Fold 5 Matte Internal & External screen protector + Spigen Thin Fit Pro Frost Grey"
54 posts
:help2: Question/Help
: "Switching from an iPhone 13 mini to the Fold 5. Been an iPhone user for over 10 years, wish me luck."
51 posts
:edit: Review
: "Aight, I'm Officially Hooked"
26 posts
:misc: Misc
22 posts
:discussion_2: Discussion
: "Samsung, YouTube or any video app need this OnePlus Open feature. "
21 posts
:PSA: News
: "T-mobile pushing out One UI 6"
10 posts
:discount: Deals/Discounts
: "Figured my fellow Bargain Hunters would appreciate this deal with trade in 🫑"
5 posts
:issue: Issue
: "Fold 2 Starting to wear down in unexpected way"
4 posts
:list: Tips/Tutorials
: "tip: easy screenshot take? just double tap back plate"
4 posts
:leak: Leaks/Rumors
: "Techradar: "It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 may get an S Pen slot""
2 posts

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