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Welcome to r/GalaxyNote9 — the un(official) and only subreddit for questions, support, photos, discussions, memes, videos, tips, tricks, updates, new findings, and essentially everything related to the Samsung GALAXY Note 9!

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: "Is it just me or do most of the note 9 users have the 128gb exynos note 9 (to prove this upvote if you have a 128gb exynos if not downvote )"
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: "This is a tribute to my favorite phone that has allowed me too make so much art (notes app)"
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: "Switched to s24u after 5 years using the note 9, cannot believe what I miss the most is the small LED notification indicator on the front."
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General Thread
: "Going back to my Note 9"
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: "Note9 One UI 6.1 review"
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: "One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI Featrues for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9 with NOBLE ROM 4.1"
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