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A place for members or non-members of Generation Z to talk and hang out. Gen-Z is widely considered to be 1996-2012, but may change based on your opinion.

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Gen Z
: "I’ve noticed too, most of Gen Z tries too hard to be edgy/emotionless to seem cooler, is it because of TikTok? Music? Want to know your thoughts."
30 posts
: "What do my fellow zoomers think of CD’s?"
17 posts
: "I'm gonna fulfill my child dreams, right?"
15 posts
: "Well damn πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€"
13 posts
: "These kids are getting new Iphones in Elementary school πŸ₯΄"
13 posts
: "Genz as lawyers"
11 posts
Spotify Wrapped
8 posts
: "Unpopular opinion? Gen Zers who constantly maken Memes about skebidi toilet and other gen alpha slang are unironically more annoying then the gen alphas who uses the slang themselves"
7 posts
Ipad Kids
: "Can we all agree not to raise Ipad Kids"
7 posts
: "I feel ashamed that I'll never experience love or sex..."
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Pain & Anger
: "Very dark times.."
22 posts
Advice Requests
: "What do my fellow zoomers think of CD’s?"
6 posts
Solution Requests
: "What music do you youngin’s listen to?"
1 post
Money Talk
: "Life is getting expensive"
1 post

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