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This subreddit was created to combat the growing number of hacked Genshin accounts by offering ways to better account security, help with the recovery process and act as a place to talk with fellow players who had their accounts hacked. Guides and other resources to aid players in getting their accounts back can be found pinned. We work closely with the Travellers Tavern discord which also provides support in this process. https://discord.gg/aAJwBw8Qjv

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Recovery Form
: "Might help you recover your account faster (in my case)"
32 posts
: "Account Hacked"
24 posts
Personal Data
: "Genshin Account got hacked more than a year ago but I didn't realize since I haven't played it for that long"
12 posts
: "Account retrieved after 1½ years"
11 posts
Account Security
: "Am I about to get/ already screwed"
10 posts
Additional Info
: "What should i do?"
7 posts
Submission Failed
: "application form submission failed"
7 posts
Top-ups and Refunds
: "Random genesis crystals received"
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