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Subreddit for the house renovation game titled House Flipper

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Top 10 / 10 post flair
: "My 9 Year Old Son's "First Office""
36 posts
: "First time actually decorating"
17 posts
Help! (PC)
: ":((("
15 posts
: "wish there was more purple !!!"
11 posts
Help! (Xbox)
: "Farm produce disappeared"
5 posts
Help! (Switch)
: "Floors and walls"
4 posts
: "Woah, is this your room? So cool!"
3 posts
Question (PC)
: "Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone know why the game struggles when on lower settings? I have a decent PC in terms of specs, but why exactly does it want to run 400fps when my limit is 60?"
3 posts
Question (Xbox)
: "Please don't neglect House Flipper v1 for console!"
2 posts
Help! (PS4)
: "I cant place items After deleting the game."
2 posts

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