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r/ICanDrawThat is a subreddit with 202k members. Its distinguishing qualities are that the community is huge in size.
/r/ICanDrawThat is open. The community was split with a few folks offering to moderate, and most who do not care if the sub is moderated. Have fun.

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: "Anyone wanna draw some of these Picrews I made. (They’re in the comments.)"
106 posts
: "I'll draw your illness!"
28 posts
Offer (Closed)
: "I do any requests exept furries for two hours"
20 posts
Request (Filled)
: "A mermaid sticking a Loch Ness Monster hand puppet above water"
5 posts
Art Trade
: "Does anyone wanna do an art trade with me?"
4 posts
Tattoo Request
: "Can someone please draw my deceased dog's face in a neo traditional tattoo style?"
1 post

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