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: "Tried many 'best of' Japanese incense - where to go from here? (Recommendations Please!)"
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: "Haul from Japan"
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: "Whimsical Monster Incense Burner"
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Incense Making
: "Homemade incense keeps curving."
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ID Please
: "What are these sticks? Help please, just got a sample of them with Kunjudo Sandalwood Tokusen, I even have a name and link for them, but they dont seem to be anywhere online when I google them except for this eBay page I bought the Kunjudo sticks from"
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My Collection
: "I won a MASSIVE piece of Maydi Frankincese! "
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My Setup
: "Burning incense with antique burner?"
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Incense in Art
: "I just found this artist who paints stunningly beautiful smoking incense bowls - Matt Armstrong on Instagram"
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