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This is the place for indie devs and gamers to share anything, be it game development, their favorite games or just cool images, GIFs and music from an indie game in a casual community-run environment. If you're an indie gamer, this place welcomes you too! After all, every gamer is a potential indie developer!

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Game Development

: "I am a beginner in Game Development, but I really wanted to combine a platformer of the Metroidvania universe with pixel art, while also implementing a nonlinear storyline and a lot of puzzles. I look forward to your feedback and advice"
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Indie Games

: "I started am making a game as a stay at home dad."
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Game Dev

: "My solo Game Dev project, Bring the Chickens Home, is releasing into Early Access on Steam in 3 days!! Let's goo!"
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: "Took the advice of fellow redditors from my last post and changed my Steam capsule. What do you think?"
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: "Do you guys have any Feedback on this trailer? I'm close to releasing the Steam page for my new horror game, but it would mean a lot to hear some opinions on the trailer before that."
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: "After about 8 years of developer career, I'm finally releasing my own Game and the Steam page is up! You can imagine my joy when I get that mail from Steam :)"
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Indie Game

: "My Indie Game I worked on for 10 years was immediately bumped off of New & Trending by EA spam releasing 11 titles at once"
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: "Really happy with this cut of the Kickstarter Trailer. The motion capture really gives the scenes weight."
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: "I just released my first game on Steam. Not many people bought it, but I'm still proud of it."
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: "What still screams "Indie game"?"
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Advice Requests
: "Which planet is better? Left or right?"
11 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Brutally honest take, I'm yet to find a game that barely makes any sales that Is actually fun. "
9 posts
: "My new train action roguelike game has finally a Steam Page!"
7 posts
Solution Requests
: "What still screams "indie game"?"
3 posts
Money Talk
: "Someone gave me $7 tip for my game! Yay !!! (itch io)"
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: "The gameplay of my first indie project is in development, and I'm open to your ideas. What would you add to this game?"
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: "The developers of Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon and Slay The Spire are launching their own "triple-I" Game Awards"
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