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IMF is a give and receive feedback system - an interactive subreddit that requires members to give quality feedback to other musicians before posting. We welcome all artists, all genres.

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Hip Hop
: "A girl who wants to join her deep sea lover A malicious fisherman looking for his next catch… This is ‘All the Things: THE MOVIE’"
15 posts
Alternative Rock
: "entanglement - a new kinda indie and alt-rock song i’ve made with ambient and noise elements too"
14 posts
Hip Hop Beat
: "Hip Hop BEAT "
14 posts
Indie Rock
: "Please be brutally honest - is it gonna be cringey if I release this?"
12 posts
: "This song is a work in progress called "The Traveller," intended for an upcoming album. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!"
10 posts
Alternative Pop
: "Wrote this song about failing to feel present in every day life... thank you if you get the chance to listen :) "
8 posts
Dream Pop
: "Dream pop for a post therapy session cry"
7 posts
: "I'm currently working on a small project. This is the second track called "libélula" (dragonfly), a mix between chill and frenetic, and more is yet to come really soon. Any feedback is appreciated :)"
6 posts
Bedroom Pop
: "Just released this song a few days ago, need some feedback"
6 posts
: "Worms"
6 posts

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