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r/Keratoconus is a safe and supportive community for people living with keratoconus and the people who care for them! Here you can share your keratoconus photos and videos, ask questions, talk about latest breakthroughs, post memes, and show everyone how you see the world by sharing KC vision simulations.

Popular Topics in r/Keratoconus

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Contact Lens
: "Does dimmed lighting suck for you guys as well?"
63 posts
Need Advice
: "I can’t handle this anymore…"
40 posts
: "This is a expensive disease to maintain"
31 posts
: "Three months after cross linking"
26 posts
Just Diagnosed
: "40 years old can’t drive"
11 posts
Corneal Transplant
: "Exhausted every option. Is a cornea transplant worth it?"
5 posts
My KC Journey
: "Just got diagnosed"
5 posts
World KC Day
: "November 10 is World Keratoconus Day! Visit our website to learn how you can help to spread awareness and download free #WorldKCDay desktop/mobile wallpapers and printable images."
4 posts
: "Got air bubble. Decided to change my contact in my car. Contact vanished after."
3 posts
Experimental Treatment
: "Intacts (corneal rings) experience sharing"
2 posts

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