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The subreddit for location sound, production sound, and field recording. We are the sound department responsible for recording the dialogue when shooting film/video. Sound on set for: * Film cinema * TV television * Games * Corporate * sound effects (Foley) * ambience

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Gear Advice
: "Which XLR shotguns are one level above the MKH 416?"
26 posts
Technical Help
: "Boom Op but doesn’t know how to mix, looking for advice"
21 posts
Industry Advice
: "Location Sound Pro taking on a documentary project. What camera gear do I need to capture cinematic picture to go with my awesome sound? Ideally under $500."
4 posts
Gig Advice
: "Tips for allocating frequency bands with four Sennheiser G3/4 wireless?"
3 posts
: "Film Sound student looking to send ISO track of all sources mixed for editing"
2 posts
Feature Post
: "The /r/LocationSound Hot Mic Promo Post - November, 2023: Links and news for anything you are affiliated with go here"
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