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Unofficial fan community for the MergeDragons! mobile game.

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Top 9 / 9 post flair
: "Finally... not a single dollar spent, all the way up from zero..."
34 posts
: "I wish the dragon book was in abc order"
28 posts
Just For Fun
: "My moms addicted to this game"
27 posts
New and/or Beta
: "I'd be more motivated to finish the event if the plushy was a prize instead of the dice."
24 posts
Trades and Deals
: "Worth it?"
14 posts
Gameplay and Strategy
: "Who Are You???"
14 posts
Portals and Star Quests
: "Is this one even doable?"
13 posts
: "Megathread: Magical Circus Event"
6 posts
Community Announcement
: "iPads and iOS 17 possible issue"
1 post

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