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Unofficial fan community for the MergeDragons! mobile game.

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: "FINALLY!!! (Only took 8+ years!)"
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: "I’m so irritated… I been grinding to get my watermelon trees back . So I’m moving around my camp ( moving the watermelon trees) and this dumb MF tower thing sent me ANOTHER invite an made me merge my watermelon trees . MERGE DRAGONS NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY SCAM TOWER"
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Just For Fun
: "I’ve won the game"
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Gameplay and Strategy
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: "MEGATHREAD: Mystic Reverie Event May 3-6"
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New and/or Beta
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Trades and Deals
: "Best Kala trade I’ve ever had"
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Community Announcement
: "ANNOUNCEMENT: Shiny Days Event and Server Issues"
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Portals and Star Quests
: "Who What When Where ….never seen this before, what am I missing?"
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