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: "[Highlight] 7 years ago today; After going down 28-3, the Patriots storm back and beat the Falcons to complete the greatest Super Bowl comeback in history"
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: "Jerod Mayo was asked about the #Patriots having the No. 3 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft (via @wbz): “We’re gonna Draft the best player for a position that’s very important. You put the pieces together.”"
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: "Bill Belichicks Disgusted Challenge Flag"
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: "[@GregABedard] :BTW, newly hired Ben McAdoo is known to be a standout draft/talent evaluator, especially Qbs. Wanted Giants to trade up for Mahomes, ranked Allen-Jackson 1-2 in 2018 draft class. "He’s an awesome evaluator," said one person who previously worked with him. "All positions.""
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Bill Belichick

: "Report: Multiple teams relieved Bill Belichick didn’t join their team"
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: "[Pelissero] The #Patriots are interviewing #Broncos DBs Coach Christian Parker today for their defensive coordinator job, per source. Jerod Mayo is the NFL’s youngest head Coach at age 37 and Parker, 32, would be one of the league’s youngest coordinators. A fast riser."
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New England Patriots

: "Thank you, Mathew Slater."
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: "Tom Pelissero - The #Patriots are hiring Browns Oc Alex Van Pelt as their offensive coordinator, per sources."
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Jerod Mayo

: "Tom Brady speaks on Jerod Mayo on The Pat McAfee Show"
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Offensive Coordinator

: "Tom Pelissero - The #Patriots are hiring Browns OC Alex Van Pelt as their Offensive Coordinator, per sources."
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: "Tom Pelissero - The #Patriots are hiring Browns OC Alex Van Pelt as their offensive coordinator, per sources."
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Pain & Anger
: "Josh Allen abusing the slide last night is not good for football. The steelers later got called for a penalty for tackling him while running."
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Solution Requests
: "Most underrated play in Patriots history?"
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Advice Requests
: "What’s it gonna take to get these two in the Kraft Mayo regime?"
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