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A friendly place for free and paid photoshop requests. ⚠️ Read the rules before posting a request or a comment. Any violations will result in a ban without warning. If you're not sure if your post is allowed, contact the moderators.

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Photo Editing
: "Need done ASAP. Serious. It's my mum's funeral tomorrow, I don't have any good pics of her. Please remove background and touch up her teeth a bit, nothing over the top though. Will pay $10. Thanks"
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: "Can someone put my daughter in some sort of magical fairy unicorn princess land of enchantment? She LOVES that stuff. Will Tip $10"
40 posts
Photo Manipulation
: "$10 for removing the photographer's finger in the bottom lefthand corner of the photo, please!"
37 posts
Image Cropping
: "Please add my husband in to the picture of me and our son! $20 tip!!"
26 posts
: "The only Photo I have of my best friend and I at her wedding. Can you remove the phone in my hand if possible? Will tip $5"
19 posts
Image Manipulation
: "Lookingfor someone to place this man’s image as the face of the painted image. Will pay :)"
14 posts
: "Can someone put my Kid in a better ninja background? $5 tip"
10 posts
: "The only photo I have of my best friend and I at her wedding. Can you Remove the phone in my hand if possible? Will tip $5"
9 posts
: "Was lucky enough to capture this photo of my Family on the scoreboard. Could someone help move my daughters hand away from her face? Will tip $20."
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Money Talk
: "Remove people in the pool. Will tip $5"
91 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Please remove medical stuff. I was helped before and unfortunately my coworkers son has passed. Hoping we can get these photoshopped."
6 posts
Advice Requests
: "Need help making a high res custom shape!! Will tip $5!! I am pulling my hair out tryna get the curves right. Can someone please make a custom shape out of this image. I intend to use it as a frame. Two hearts connecting like a jigsaw pieces, and I want to add two image in each piece. Thank you!!!!!"
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