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A subreddit dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public.

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🌎 World Events
: "Israel’s annual “storm mosques in the west bank during ramadan and beat up palestinians” has begun"
14 posts
Repost 😔
: "“Stay right here” “why?”"
8 posts
: "Tall IRL Nuisance Streamer gets destroyed by a Guy half his size."
7 posts
Classic Repost ♻️
: "HOA member is mad about Biden/Harris sign in neighbor’s front yard"
6 posts
🏆 Mod's Choice 🏆
: "Angry HOA meeting"
6 posts
Public Transportation Freakout 🚌
: "Man stops freeloaders shuffling behind him"
5 posts
🚗Road Rage
: "Road Rage in Canada."
5 posts
Police Bodycam
: "Couple arrested in Florida after losing their child at a beach and being drunk"
4 posts
: "Drunk couple mess with the wrong guy in Tula, Russia."
4 posts
📌Follow Up
: "One of the terrorists behind Moscow shooting in court today. Barely coherent, torture signs on face, plastic bag that they used to strangle him still on his neck."
3 posts

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