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This is a place to talk about reincarnation - views on best methods of regression, sharing personal stories and opinions is encouraged. If you don't believe, that's cool, honest questions are awesome. Please don't be a jerk.

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: "My argument for reincarnation and why it makes the most sense to me"
18 posts
Need Advice
: "Terminally ill, how can I leave my projects behind so my future self can pick up?"
8 posts
Personal Experience
: "Parallel timelines? Deja Vu?"
5 posts
: "What was your freakiest reincarnation moment or your kids?"
4 posts
Past Life Regression
: "I’ve visited 2 past lives and I was told that in both, my name was David"
3 posts
Original Content
: "NEW interview with Dr. Marieta Pehlivanova: NDEs & Children Who Report Past-Life Memories (1h44m)"
3 posts
: "Does anyone find nothing, like hobbies, holds their attention for any decent amount of time?"
2 posts
: "Leaving the body at the end of life.."
1 post
Spiritually Transformative Experience
: "Channeled message from higher self - higher self connecting with source energy to shed/trim out the dense stuff tying the soul here. The human can master the escape from suffering, but our soul's final chains to suffering are only broken when the higher self chooses the same"
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