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UKRAINE WAR 2023 - OSINT 24/7- 18+ Community driven subreddit focusing on the very latest combat footage, osint leaks and more.

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: "Zelenskyy: We are not ready to give our freedom to this f**king terrorist Putin"
73 posts
Combat Footage.
: "A column of enemy tanks tried to break through to the positions of the soldiers of the 5th Brigade, but the coordinated actions of the artillerymen turned it into a pile of scrap metal"
31 posts
Latest Reports.
: "Russian loss est 11/12. Don't know why these aren't posted anymore."
29 posts
Slava Ukraini! Героям слава!
: "Boys and their toys: Ukrainian soldiers open a crate of brand new AT-4 anti-tank launchers."
11 posts
Certified Cringe
: "The new recruitment advertisement video of the Russian Army dropped "
11 posts
: "Compilation of Brazilian volunteers in Ukraine. 🇧🇷🇺🇦"
7 posts
Russian Propaganda
: "Send your husband to die for the bunker - and get a refrigerator. According to Russian propagandists, there will now be more smiles in the temporarily occupied territories. After all, the grieving widows of those who died for the Russian world were presented with an empty white refrigerator"
6 posts
Russian Federation War Crimes In Ukraine
: "Russian officer shot 9 people in their house - the family refused to give their house to Kadyrov’s soldiers, night of October 27th - 28th, 2033. The family celebrated the birthday of their grandma. Some guests stayed in their house. Nobody survived. In Volnovakha, Russian-occupied Donetsk Oblast."
4 posts
Ukrainian Forces Training
: "Ukrainian Soldiers Watch in Awe Over Air Missiles Going Very Fast!"
4 posts
Russian Federation POV Footage/Image
: "Russian soldiers blow up their own dugout unnecessarily after a spent Ukrainian cluster munition lands in it. They didn't realize that it was literally an empty shell!"
2 posts

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