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Once in a blue moon redditors almost transform into self aware creatures. Almost. Submit posts (from anywhere) where people unknowingly describe themselves. ("what did they say about someone else that really applied to them?") NB: Memes aren't people, they can't be Selfawarewolves.

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This person votes. Do you?
: "January 6, 2021 has entered the chat."
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Alpha of the pack
: "indeed"
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100% original title
: "MAGA would never do this"
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OP ate the onion
: "This libertarian is soooooo close to finding the plot"
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OP is the Selfawarewolf
: "Talking about the song that came in second place in the Eurovision song contest. "Baby Lasagna being a straight Catholic rocker just didn't make him fashionable with the critics of the annual gathering of groomers", this is beyond parody..."
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