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Once in a blue moon redditors almost transform into self aware creatures. Almost. Submit posts (from anywhere) where people unknowingly describe themselves. NB: Memes aren't people, they can't be selfawarewolves.

Popular Topics in r/SelfAwarewolves

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Grifter, not a shapeshifter
: "Yes. Imagine that. 😐"
3 posts
OP is the Selfawarewolf
: ""Perfectly reasonable""
2 posts
: "Huh"
2 posts
OP ate the onion
: "Conservative isn’t aware how much he sounds like his boogeyman"
1 post
low-hanging fruit
: "Hmmm..."
1 post
: "Yes, it is *Left* who uses media to push wedge issues to push through unpopular police and wage war on "objective reality"..."
1 post
100% original title
: "Blue Check Reminds Elon Freedom Isn’t Free"
1 post

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