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A community for stoners to share those random thoughts that come to them when smoking and for stoners to come and hang out and chill!

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I had an idea... 🧪
: "It’s funny how women are fat but men have “dad bods”"
30 posts
Stoned :ghn:
: "R.I.P. to the chicken they used to make these tenders"
29 posts
Just Getting Started :hmk:
: "You know what grinds my gears"
25 posts
Feel good 🌴
: "I miss how high I got when I first started."
24 posts
Question :2A6DC069-1EE1-4290-83C6-:
: "Dumb things you've done or said while stoned?"
17 posts
Blitzed :hh:
: "I just had the realization that my dogs could kill me if they wanted to."
16 posts
Fried :Hjm:
: "Im so freaking high right now"
15 posts
Completely Sober :hgy:
: "nesting like a bird"
11 posts
Reasonably Buzzed :Ray:
: "Music is the best thing ever."
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Seeking support :5B7FD823-3FCD-491D-9DBE-:
: "Can I quit nicotine cold turkey by just being stoned off my ass all the time?"
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