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Tower of Fantasy is an multi-platform MMORPG game developed by Hotta Studio! Moderation for this subreddit is being handled by dedicated members of the community, who are not officially affiliated with Tencent. We greatly appreciate the support and feedback from the community, including Tencent, in monitoring the discussions and providing helpful responses to user inquiries.

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: "Based on a true story"
39 posts
Guides & Tips
: "【Math】How does Nan Yin work, and how worth it is she to pull?"
30 posts
: "The BP outfit is supposed to say 'Player' but they messed up and mirrored it LMAO"
27 posts
: "This game is soooo BEAUTIFUL !"
26 posts
: "[OC] Lan A3"
19 posts
: "The New Events are Insane"
15 posts
CN News
: "New Characters seen from the 3.5 PV trailer "
12 posts
Global Discussion
: "Searching Tower of Fantasy be like:"
9 posts
Global News
: "This is such a cool art and i can't wait to get her next week!"
8 posts
Character Creation
: "isn’t she cute?☺️"
6 posts

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