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The community for any and all levels of the USL. If you perfer Old Reddit then here's the link: https://old.reddit.com/r/USLPRO/

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:Official_Championship: Championship
: "Oklahoma City city council approves OKC Energy as the operator of new downtown stadium"
18 posts
League 1
: "Forward Madison on r/wholesomememes"
13 posts
League 2
: "Coachella FC to join USL League Two in 2024"
6 posts
Super League
: "USL Super League gets D1 status, joining NWSL"
3 posts
: "Derby Paso Del Norte logo revealed, will be a new tradition of matches between FC Juarez and El Paso Locomotive first match being played on March 20th, 2024"
2 posts
Expansion Thread
: "Question: Why is Norfolk/Virginia Beach the SECOND rated US TV market for the Premier League? Has soccer always been a big deal there? And who are they watching?"
1 post
USL Business
: "Should the USL sell the naming rights of the league name like the EFL does?"
1 post
: "We need a New Jersey Team called the Swamp Dragons"
1 post
W League
: "2024 W League schedule"
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