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A subreddit for D&D 5e and One D&D homebrew. Fun and smart additions to the game, the friendly Discord of Many Things, and thousands of past submissions to search.

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: "College Dropout - When you just cannot decide on a Bard College!"
39 posts
: "Better Final Bosses - A Compendium of CR 30 creatures to End your Campaign in Style! Some of these are wild, you have been warned"
32 posts
: "laserllama's Alternate Warlock Class (NEW) - Become the Master of Occult Magic that you were Meant to Be! Includes new takes on Eldritch Blast, over 30 Invocations, 3 Pact Foci, 7 Spells, and 4 Otherworldly Patrons: The Archfey, Ancient Wyrm, Fiend, and Great Old One! PDF in Comments."
30 posts
: "Pterowings: The Sky Isn't the Limit! [Echoes of Extinction]"
30 posts
: "[Spell] I cast a spell of Fuck You With Bricks. lmao get bricked idiot"
22 posts
: "Better Bad Guys - A Compendium of High Level Monsters, Items, and Spells to add to your End-Game Table!"
15 posts
: "Draw from THE DECK OF DYING to determine what kind of near-death experience you will have | A mechanic to make death saving throws more enjoyable by IDBN"
13 posts
: "[Race] Clown – Isn't it about time you McFucking lost it?"
9 posts
: "So, how about two Counterspells? - Reactive, a feat for Opportunists, Bards, and Uncanny Dodge abusers!"
7 posts
: "You know a Language? you know how to sign it."
3 posts

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