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This is the home for all of your VW bus related needs from 1949-1992 including the rear engine barndoor, split window, bay window, and vanagon eras. This includes campers, westies, single cabs, double cabs, kombis, transporters, deluxes, panels, and any other specialty variants. Front engine Eurovans and their owners are also more than welcome! Feel free to share your projects, photos, questions, and experiences.

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: "Me and my Bus ❤️"
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: "this is the Engine of my 83 t2 (br), if you see something out of place please, want to get this Engine running perfectly"
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: "I heard this sound in the morning after starting the bus to go buying new Tires , we didn’t start it for 2 weeks, there is something wrong or it’s just cold? It is normal for the exhaust to move this much? Will be taking it to the mechanic next week"
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Vw T2
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: "Happy Halloween (I promise my last Halloween post)"
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Advice Requests
: "Few questions on this 1988 Synchro"
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: "which style windshield seal would i need for this bus?"
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Pain & Anger
: "Bus died while driving, not sure why."
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