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: "Japan holds roughly 10% of the world's gold reserves and is about to unleash an economic event as they adjust yield curve and increase rates... hold gold and Silver!"
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: "Japan holds roughly 10% of the world's Gold reserves and is about to unleash an economic event as they adjust yield curve and increase rates... hold Gold and silver!"
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: "Broke ass eastern euro Stacking for the world to come, so far 57 Oz of AG and 0.5 Oz of AU. Not much, but I'm working on it"
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: "Let me show some of my Stack"
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: "The US will need to refinance almost half of its national Debt in less than 2 years. Let's not forget that interest rates were at 0% just 15 months ago. Wait until these Debt instruments need to be rolled over at 5% rates."
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: "War on Inflation is over. The fed won, Inflation is gone, interest rates can now be cut, you can all go home now. 🤡 world"
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: "DEFCON one! I am my own Bank"
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: "South Korean Stocks Soar After Country Inexplicably Bans Short Selling Until June 2024! “Amidst market turmoil, we’ve discovered massive 'Illegal Naked Short-Selling' by global investment banksters and circumstances of additional illegal activities”. Imagine Naked Short Selling bans on the Comex!"
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: "Treasury set to borrow $776 billion next quarter, the most ever borrowed in the fourth quarter"
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: "Hands up if you saw the tamp incoming…"
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Money Talk
: "After 1 year of building here is my stack. Do you count your value of metal off of pure spot value or do you include any premium paid?"
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Pain & Anger
: "Why is this happening more and more across Reddit?"
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: "Treasury to borrow $776 billion in final three months of year"
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Advice Requests
: "So how long y'all think we have til shit hits the fan?"
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: "Crypto"
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