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: "YSK 23andMe was formed to build a massive database capable of identifying new links between specific genes and diseases in order to eventually create their own pharmaceutical drugs."
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: "YSK: New method to bypass youtube's ad blocker detection"
16 posts
: "YSK "Military Grade" is just a marketing ploy. In the actual military, "military grade" means "meeting the bare-minimum requirements of durability, while also costing the least.""
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Health & Sciences
: "YSK bad oral hygiene doesn't make teeth just fall out whole. They crumble away"
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Food & Drink
: "YSK Those high end expensive bottles of water has the exact same water in wal mart bottled water"
9 posts
: "YSK : A chimpanzee that was taught to pick stocks by throwing darts at a dartboard with companies listed on it was once ranked as the 22nd most successful money manager in the US."
7 posts
Home & Garden
: "YSK: Never to buy used non-stick pans"
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Animal & Pets
: "YSK: an injured animal is a dangerous animal - yes, even your sweet boy or girl"
3 posts
: "YSK: The surprise of a marriage proposal is the when and the how. Not the fact that a proposal is coming."
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Arts & Entertainment
: "YSK: Many songs uploaded on Youtube are slightly out of standard tuning"
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