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: "Child psychiatrist u/digitlnoize breaks down adhd for the masses"
3 posts
: "u/ThebesAndSound supplies almost 20 years of instances of various news and human rights organizations reporting Hamas using Al-Shifa hospital repeatedly for military purposes."
2 posts
: ""We ended up hitting really bad weather and absolutely huge seas - 50ft swells with massive troughs in between.""
2 posts
: "Prof schools conservative student about vaccines and she comes around."
1 post
: "u/kattmedtass exposes a Tesla bot in a thread about the strike currently underway against Tesla in Sweden"
1 post
: "u/SarahSlayer5000 asks how to mount a sink for their mom. Hilarity ensues when it's found to be a trough urinal."
1 post
: "u/hatrickpatrick explains the Irish stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict with great nuance and historical understanding"
1 post
: "u/TerribleAttitude succinctly describes why social media feels so different today compared to its early days"
1 post
: "Incredibly intricate rundown of a small town strip club"
1 post
: "From the scambait community on Reddit: Scammer tries to trick OP into buying gift cards. Scammer claims he is CEO. OP pretends to oblige while secretly blowing smoke up his ass"
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