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Welcome to /r/braces! A support group for questions and discussion on the topic of braces! Please note that this sub is for PATIENTS, so you won't always find professional help here. Please read the Rules before posting or commenting and check out the Braces Guide pinned at the top of the subreddit. Many questions can be answered through the Guide or search bar. Thanks for visiting, and good luck on your orthodontic journey! Our icon and banner was made by community member /u/ColdSt0rm!

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Braces progress!
: "2 year progress point. Braces were the start of my glow up journey at 28 years old. Just do it!"
72 posts
: "What are these that came with my little braces care package?"
36 posts
Day 1!
: "Officially survived my first day with braces!"
23 posts
Similar experience?
: "A surprising positive side effect of braces 🤯"
18 posts
: "29 and have braces for the first time. I am on month 3, tell me the pain gets better because power chains are evil 😭"
14 posts
Before and After
: "They’re off!!"
13 posts
Need advice!
: "Braces journey about to end."
11 posts
Braces are off!!!
: "Finally!"
6 posts
: "Warning: when you get your braces off you will look like this for a few days"
3 posts
: "Having a breakdown."
3 posts

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